The maintenance method of wall paper of different material pledges, did not generalize again!

The maintenance of wall paper should divide capable person to pledge, 10 million do not want what capable person to pledge to use a sort of method with some sort of method, incorrect clean method not only cannot have the result that protects wall paper, return the inside construction that can break to improve wall paper instead, decrease the service existence of wall paper. Below small constitute expose the clean approach to wall paper of different materials Vinyl Wallpapers pledges for everybody.

1. Glue wall paper
The surface of glue face wall paper includes a thin PVC coating, when performing maintenance to keep clean not at all hard, can use clear water to swab first or the clean wet towel that will not possess color is wiped gently wipe, if have got apparent besmirch to cannot clear again, choose neuter cleanness economy to attempt wiping after diluting.

2. Pure paper wallpaper
Pure paper wallpaper surface without PVC covering security, can only make use of a sponge or colorless dried out places wet towel gently wipe wallpaper, and to control the drinking water is not an excessive amount of. If wall paper has obvious besmirch in order to suit only but cleanness, cannot extreme hard wipe wall structure paper lest wipe bad wall paper surface.

Flocking wallpaper
Flock flock wallpaper is brushed gently with feather duster at ordinary instances, perhaps dip in with cleaner or wool brush clean water is swabbed can. Smudge with a wring dried out wet sponge with diluted washing fluid can be gently wiped.

4. Foaming wallpaper
Foaming wallpaper is usually soft, solid, the surface presents the concave and convex form that has flexibility or decorative design pattern, the form is similar to anaglyph, wood grain to hold back. Foaming wallpaper concave and convex surface area prospects to easy accumulation of dirt, ought to be cleaned regularly, so as never to affect the looks of the overall 3-6 months to completely clean once, can be used in a vacuum cleaner or brush dipped in clean drinking water, pay attention never to water infiltration Mosaic.

5 fiber wallpaper
Fibrous wall paper is certainly a kind of regenerative wall paper, its material originates from the natural materials such as for example tree, grass, bamboo, cannot undertake scrub so when cleaning, may use cleaner or feather duster to obvious dirt only.