The wallpaper category is no longer stupid!

Wallpaper as today’s adornment must be significantly less than the things, more and more by everyone’s attention. Of course as wallpaper original is in ceaseless follow new generation, bring everybody more household environment choice, safe and healthy environmental protection, beautiful generous go up class! Applying modern medical and technological achievements, a series of new wallpapers have been developed successively:

PVC plastic wallpaper
It is a new decorative material based on paper, with polyvinyl chloride plastic film as surface layer, through composite, printing, printing, embossing and other procedures. There are non-foaming common type, foam type and so on. Its quality is beautiful, durable, have certain versatility, crack strength, can make a variety of patterns and concave and convex grain, wealthy very strong sense of sense, still have the characteristic that strength is high, draw to resist pull, stick easily, after old also change easily, and the surface does not absorb water, can use fabric to swab. Its disadvantage is permeability is poorer, time can grow old steadily and pretty much produce side-effect to individual health. Plastic material wallpaper is a kind of wallpaper that builds up rapidly and it is trusted at present.

Glass fiber printed wallpaper
It is predicated on cup fiber material, surface coated with wear – resistant resin, printed on color patterns and made. It is characterized by shiny colors, various designs and colors, no fading, maturing, fire avoidance, wear-resisting, simple building, convenient paste, and usable soap and water washing.

Velvet wallpaper
Because it shows 3 d velvet feeling, to fit the sensation of warmness is exquisite, is especially suitable for the soft outfit of the bed room environment, when with bedding, curtain, carpet harmonious collocation, show the visual aesthetic feeling and soft heat is hard to do any kind of wall materials, at the same time as the velvet wallpaper sound-absorbing effect, make the bed room more calm and comfortable, so have consumer flocking sound-absorbing wallpaper is said to be the most conducive to sleep wallpaper it the reality!

Cotton wallpaper
It is made of pure cotton simple towel after pretreatment, printing and finish. High strength, low static electricity, no light, audio absorption, non – harmful, tasteless, durable, beautiful and large color features. Connect with higher course bedroom adornment.

Fabric wallpaper
A new kind of wall sticking material made of natural fibers such as silk, wool, cotton and hemp through non-spinning molding, resin coating and color printing. It has a square, elastic, not easy to break, fibers aging, bright colors, paste convenient, and a certain permeability and moisture-proof, wear-resistant, not fade. But this kind of wall paper surface collects dirt easily, rather than easy scrub.

Chemical fiber wall paper
It is predicated on chemical substance fibers, after certain treatment of printing. It gets the benefits of non-toxic, tasteless, breathable, moisture-proof, wear-resistant, non-stratified, etc.

Natural wallpaper
It is a fresh type of interior adornment material, which is constructed of paper and woven linen and grass. It has the advantages of fire retardant, sound-absorbing, breathable, dispersing wetness and non-deformation. This sort of wallpaper, have natural, primitive, the wonder of rough nature, rich and rich rural breath, provide a person to put oneself in the sensation of natural wilderness.

Paper based wallpapers
That is paper as basics material, with polymer emulsion coating, by printing, embossing and other processes manufactured from a wall decoration materials. It has the features of waterproof, anti-friction, good air permeability, wealthy and colorful designs and colors, and is convenient to use, easy to use, short Vinyl Wallcovering structure period, high efficiency and low priced. Connect with the metope adornment of average family.

Healthy environmental wallpaper
Select natural plant crude fiber, processed by scientific method. The top is flexible, sound insulation, thermal insulation, thermal insulation, smooth and comfortable. The biggest quality is avirulent, safe, don’t have peculiar smell, permeability is good, and paper model is steady, can swab anytime, service life is greater than common wallpaper two times above. Accordingly, this type of new-style wallpaper receives people’s respect more and more, think to be sure to become period of time adornment materials market “advocate melody”.

Hygroscopic wallpaper
Not long ago, Japan invented some sort of paper that can absorb wet, its surface is full of countless tiny pore, 1 sq . metre can absorb 100 milliliter drinking water. This is a perfect decoration for the wall structure of the washroom.

Insecticidal wallpaper
The United States has invented a wallpaper that kills insects. Pests such as flies, mosquitoes and cockroaches will be killed quickly if they touch it. The wallpaper can be scrubbed and is not afraid of drinking water vapour and chemicals.

Tempering wallpaper
An area temperature control wallpaper has been developed in the UK. It is composed of three layers. The interior level against the wall structure is thermal insulation layer. This beautiful wallpaper automatically adjusts the indoor temperature and helps to keep the environment pleasant.

Mouldproof wall paper
In homes that are hard to get sunlight, such as the north room, dressing room, bath room and some low dark rooms, the use of the Japanese developed preservative wallpaper can effectively prevent mold and moisture.

Heating system the wallpaper
Some sort of wall structure paper that can provide off temperature is developed successfully in Britain, this type of wall paper besmears have a level of peculiar color finish, after electrification finish can transform electric energy into level of heat, send out central heating system, suit winter to stick with.

Only more understanding wallpaper, can better choose the good wallpaper that oneself needs!