Why are more and more people choosing to put up wallpaper

Of modern bedroom decorate, use wallpaper to undertake adornment already became trend, why should use wallpaper? There are a great number of practical reasons, such as “adding color PVC Wall covering feeling”, “enhancing ornamental worth”, “conforming to pattern”, etc. So let’s do that.

Reason one: increase colour sweet bedroom
The color of wallpaper is gorgeous, rich simple sense, design can be attractive more, the adornment effect to the bedroom is quite remarkable.

Especially a few imports wall paper brand is done more elaborate for a long time, with master hand brushwork, originality provides lot of excellent work, design for the bedroom, living room, dining-room, children room gives different style, led popular tide in bursts.

Reason 2: colors emit light for a long time
The enduring of color, could be our most easily concern normally, besmear is brushed the colour of metope of brunet emulsioni paint, always more finite on time.

After a couple of years, the chances of major changes are high. If make use of paper base ethylene film wallpaper, have stronger oxidation level of resistance, color is not simple to fade.

Cause 3: cover dirty color does not show a trace
Can cover metope stain tag effectively, small however insufficient however elegant concern.

To the metope that is not particularly level off, have okay crack even metope, wallpaper has quite cover ability.

Reason 4: wear-resistant and washable use period is long
In life, the benefits of wallpaper also appear on the scrub.

Wall paper and emulsioni color metope differ greatly, paper foundation ethylene film wall paper surface can have waterproof film, after dirty even now can use catharsis, soft wool brush to wait to clean, very easy. And emulsioni color wall, no matter how have the ability to bear to wipe once again, cannot clean with wet towel however.

Reason five: crack safety wall beautification wall
Wall paper, there is usually an essential function, is usually to safeguard the wall. The metope that besmears brushs emulsioni color, can appear in two years left and right sides frequently cracking circumstance, especially in north a few dried out city.

And the store sticks wallpaper, can have extremely good protective effect to the wall, can appear the circumstance of metope crack unlikely, unless wall structure body whole is cracked.

Reason 6: simple to replace convenient and easy
Modification color with the seasons, wallpaper can be easily done! If have the theme of wall paper design that likes more, update wallpaper to have to be opened gently only original wall paper surface one horn, peel off, if paper base and wall are glued firm, new wall structure paper could be mounted directly on its.

Shop is pasted also more respect, even if be 100 much square metre space, half a day can make its look brand-new. Simultaneously, changing the wallpaper will not affect your normal residence.

Reason 7: challenging damage happy home
Children’s thoughts, specifically naive, family if there are kids, do not get worried. Wallpaper is not simple to be damaged, for the overall impact and graffiti, not like general emulsioni paint wall surface easy to knock off the skin. Actually in the wall graffiti, sticky adhesive, wallpaper wall isn’t afraid.

General waterborne color pen can be easily taken out, the adhesive is quite simple to strip straight down. It is easy to mend the wallpaper if you break it unintentionally. You can generally enjoy the remarkable atmosphere in the home!