Wallpaper construction techniques: showing cracks, revealing edges and overflowing glue are no longer difficult problems.

I actually frequently receive consultation on ordinary necklaces wallpapers. Ordinary picture because there is usually no pattern, therefore more most likely to show up seam problem, then, in the real process we should cope with it? If the plain wallpapers shows up to display the sensation of seam, the first thing to judge the cause for its seam is usually what can consider the right treatment. 01 The problem of slit The wallpaper offers no color difference, but the front side 1.5 meters can discover the seam. Make sure you recall whether the joint is usually severe when the building is normally taken care of. Most of the reasons for the seams are caused by the construction complications. [treatment] If the picture can be a PVC wallpaper, you can use a wet towel to wipe the moist seam, turn the wallpaper glue, softly lift the picture, and after that soften the wallpaper with the wallpaper softener, so it is normally easy to stretch the wallpapers to restoration the joints. If it is normally real paper wallpaper, almost no extensibility, so can not be used to fix the above technique, can be used with wall structure paper color tones to cover the bottom color. Two male and feminine If there is definitely no feeling of integrity between the wallpapers strips on the front 1.5 meters, the wall paper joints are handled well; the wallpapers looks like a color difference, and the color difference between the joint parts is definitely centered on the apparent rules of deep low deep shallow or shallow deep short depth: it could be triggered by the Yin and Yang surface. Discover the label of this wallpapers to find if there is definitely an switching paste icon on it. (a downward arrow with an together arrow) [treatment] There are up and down alternately paste icons, according to the want for alternate pasting logo: shallow – shallow – deep – deep comparable, you can avoid the trend of Yin and Yang. Three White edge If the dark wallpaper is certainly found to be slightly longer than the foundation paper, there will be white sides at the joints after the structure, and splits can become clearly noticed at the front side 1.5 meters away from the wall. [treatment] (1) because it is definitely basic shaded wallpapers, the wallpapers without construction can end up being treated by a border reducing 3D Wall covering method. (2) if the wall paper has been completed, it can be used to cover the background with the same color paint as the picture. Four Spilled plastic Simple colored picture can be not easy to erase after overflow, and there are residual records after rubbing. As a result, be careful when coping with overflow glue, try not really to keep traces. Color wallpapers attention factors: 1, in the construction of the wall paper brands must be checked whether there is normally “switching up and down” structure logo design, if there should end up being positive and harmful paste, if the positive and adverse paste after the trend of yin and yang can become tried again. 2, the construction of basic nonwoven picture should avoid glue and clean as far as possible. Once wiping is usually performed, it will keep footprints. If it is overflowed, remove the leaking glue in a minimum amount region. The dark coloured wallpapers should end up being mild. 3, PVC simple picture, the first three wallpaper pasted fifty percent an hour after we must pay interest to check whether the bones of the wallpapers are sewn with counter, and the balance can be that the PVC picture can not really become leaking.