Abide by these 3 principles, the selected wallpaper effect isn’t generally good!

Many people believe that wallpaper selection is simply as good as you like! In fact, the choice of wallpaper, if it could be determined according to specific circumstances, the result will be significantly different!

01 room orientation

▲The room faces east, and it is the earliest spot to sun. Additionally it is the earliest place to leave the sun. If you select a warm and warm wallpaper, such as yellow, it can effectively gradual down the room because it is not exposed to sunlight.
▲The room is facing south and sunlight is very abundant. Wallpapers are greatest chosen in awesome tones, such as purple and blue, which can make them more comfortable.
▲If the room is facing west, it’ll be troubled by sunlight. As a result, the wallpaper is most beneficial to use cool colors, such as for example dark blue, green, and the curtains should be thicker, not too light, or you can stay for a couple minutes, especially in the hot summer season, minutes Identical to the oven.
▲The room is facing north, and the sun exposure time is shorter throughout the day. Therefore, in addition to expanding the windowpane as much as possible to enhance the area of ​​the sun, it is advisable to choose a warm color and a lighter shade. For example, warm colours such as yellowish, red or dark brown, so as never to feel cold in wintertime.

02 space size

▲ If the area is small and the floor is brief, it is suggested to choose a white history or a white + light green or lavender floral design. This will make the house look a whole lot brighter and the area will look bigger.
▲ If the area is large, in order to avoid producing people feel too empty, you can choose some wide stripes or huge patterns of wallpaper.
▲If you want the ceiling of your house to be taller, it is recommended to use a right, vertical stripe wallpaper to help make the space look upwards. Remember not to use dark shades, or you will feel oppressed.

03 Use of room

▲The living room belongs to the place where the guests are connected. It is best to use atmospheric and elegant wallpapers, such as for example bright and bright colours, but don’t go after individuality. The wallpaper must be coordinated with the shades and styles of the furniture and various other accessories.
▲The bedroom is normally a spot to sleep, the most needed is quiet and comfortable. Therefore, the wallpaper is preferred to choose a soft color, it is best to let people look at the feeling that is very comfortable in the past.
▲If you choose a children’s area, you should pay more attention to the choice of wallpaper. First, you must choose an green wallpaper. Secondly, the colour of the wallpaper should be simple and obvious, so that the Stone paper Wallpaper children born will be cheerful and optimistic. Furthermore, the large color design is best not to have.