Wallpaper is installed in household soft use maintains 6 big experience!

Wallpaper regards household while soft outfit very important one annulus, having decisive impact in building decorate and essential style, so what place needs to notice in choosing and structure process? We’ve put together six tips today to see if they help you.

The first result

Use the concave and convex surface area of wall structure body opportunely, or choose a less conspicuous position, can be a method that saves effort more, may show host again the little idea on the home.

Additional, can also combine wall paper and metope coating, make whole living space richer have change.

The second result

Should you have a staircase in your home, it’s best to use clever wallpaper to decorate the staircase with plenty of white space. Experienced better coordinate with stair handrail photograph on color, with lubricious it’s the choice that won’t make a Silk Wallcoverings blunder most.

If entrance porch place doesn’t have ambry, basic and practical stool and the wallpaper that mirror with it could add color for liveable space many.

Remember that if the wallpaper is positioned along the floor, don’t forget to decide on a color-matched kick line.

The third result

When choosing wallpaper for the bedroom, do not use color so far as possible too gorgeous style, should provide priority to with the surroundings that builds quiet and easy to sleep.

In the adornment of children area, wall paper can let whole space lively rise at a draught very easily. Children room should target both sides typically play and rest function, same reason, unfavorable also choice colour lighting and saturation are too high color.

Pure quality wallpaper color is rich, pattern is usually diversiform, and environmental protection doesn’t have peculiar smell, change not too difficult, first push.

The fourth result

Bathroom sticks wall paper, might have surprising originality, many people worry waterproof issue, but even if be real paper wall paper actually, likewise have very great waterproof moistureproof performance now, wish to accomplish not stick to rise at any time the area that has drinking water splash commonly won’t have big problem. Do not trust really can also choose moistureproof mouldproof function great nonwoven cloth wallpaper.

The fifth result

Wallpaper base film is some sort of protective agent of wall body, domestic is to ask building party to stay wallpaper commonly, can suggest to use foundation film, if do not use wallpaper old, can transform color.

And the wallpaper service lifestyle that USES base film can amount to 8-9 years. Wallpaper foundation film is definitely a zero-formaldehyde acid, the reason would be to neutralize the alkaline materials of the wall, so there will be a period of time following the construction of acid.

Make use of sandpaper burnish brush the metope of foundation film, produce metope more level off. Brush the dirt when burnish metope with small wool clean, can affect the stickiness of wall paper glue otherwise, later period appears easily become warped edge phenomenon.

The sixth result

The indoor temperature difference shall not be too big within one month following the completion of construction. Dirty could be swabbed with the cleaner after sponge touchs dilute, if wall structure paper produces warped advantage, usable wall paper glue is certainly brushed undertake processing in warped edge place.

If wallpaper foams, can inject glue with syringe, press gently next, wipe off superfluous glue finally can.

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Wall paper matchs setting wall so, your home looks beautiful and easy again!

TV environment wall structure is decorated is every family members needs seriously very much decorate a part, so everybody is very concerned about this type of decorate. The versatility that a great deal of family members use wall paper will undertake add on, so wall structure paper Television establishing wall structure is normally good-looking? What does wall paper of Television establishing wall paper collocation technique have? Let’s obtain to know!

Select a, TV establishing wall structure paper

1. Choose wallpapers from the color of wallpaper

Television wall structure environment should match one another with the style of Silk Wallcovering entire house, otherwise may not coordinate, permit entire pattern become awful. The TV placing wall color below general circumstance gives priority to with light color, if the choice is certainly too dazzling establishing wall paper, can trigger bedroom habitant people disposition is normally large, the mood becomes extreme rise.

2. Choose picture with good texture

Avoid simply by most means do not choose and purchase wall structure paper of glue face, since the environmental security type of this kind of materials is definitely poorer. Next the permeability of glue encounter picture is usually poorer, stay the advantage that become warped extremely easily after the wall structure and hair are yellow, influence a bedroom gorgeous.

Wallpaper also should have the effect that sound-absorbing reduces a sound, if sponsor offers the hobby that listens to acoustics in the sitting area, choose material, may pick the picture that can muffler, environmental security, reduce noise pollution.

3, wallpaper appearance of the factors to consider

Of wall paper battle smut sex and be able to bear or bear to swab the element that need to consider when choosing and buying, especially the family that has a child in the home, when choosing, you can use the bath towel of mini wetness to wipe slightly forcibly, if appear decolorization, take away layer to specific wall paper quality is bad.

2, TV setting wall structure collocation method

1, the picture that contains organic rural style on wall paper can abate a area too luxurious cold and great feeling, deserve to move up hollow out the board of decorative pattern is symmetrical add on is in one aspect, harmonious nature.

2, if want Chinese design style, may choose and purchase the wall paper of similar Chinese language blowing wind, brush character is written freely the feeling may give a person grumous 5000 years tradition atmosphere.

3, the design of TV environment wall structure and the element of tea desk should match, the picture of Europe type decorative design that can cooperate dark color, have luxurious nobility to show low-key and dark again, the finishing point of zoom lens lens fine range can permit metope appearance more possess basic sense.

After original wall paper sticks good, want to do so, what parwonder my home can craze!

A great deal of friends like to decorate wall structure with wallpaper, because its building is basic, optional style is very very much, and the phenomenon that still appears craze not easily. But recently a warm-hearted netizen reported that the wallpaper of their home acquired just been installed and discovered that the wallpaper was protruding, some locations also made an appearance breaks. It is him to supervise function on the place evidently, Modern Style Wallcoverings construction professional is definitely extremely earnest, how can such?

Later on after the query present that in the picture, open the windows ventilation, in fact, this is not necessary. Because draught can make wallpaper loses water quickly, provide about shrink quickly craze. Therefore what do you do when you put up wallpaper? Allow xiaobian take you to analyze the pursuing evaluation.

The shop sticks wallpaper to abstain from most namely rush to work. With additional metope adornment materials is definitely different, when the shop sticks picture, metope moistureproof processing wants to reach the position specifically. Become sure to cover the wall structure completely with base film before placing up wallpaper. If in order to finish the task ahead of time and blindly rush function, the wall structure bottom did not really meet up with the structure requirements, it is easy to proceed incorrect. Specifically did not dry completely, wallpaper is definitely simple to appear in the future trend, mold, drum and additional complications.

Remind everyone have to wait for metope base to dry completely thus after the shop sticks wallpapers once again.

Shop insert process should also supervise employees, not blindly fast. And if encounter overcast rain weather, probably air flow moisture is normally too big, still need fair shutdown, acquired better choose the building of fairly sunlit and dry weather conditions additionally.

The incident that also can get to afore – mentioned netizen, wallpaper should nature shade is dry.

After sticking wallpaper, owner should not be anxious to seek success, cannot open door window to allow metope dry quickly, because such very easy, allow wallpaper lose water quickly and create shrink change, appear conveniently baggy, bubble, craze to wait for a circumstance.

Accordingly, should close door window, wait for wallpaper nature shade to dry. Generally about 3 times. This can assure quality better!

Therefore how to allow beloved wall structure paper use ten, 20 also decades? Wish the house to shine at all times gorgeous be like brand-new, wallpaper beauty can be like at the beginning, weekday maintenance and maintenance are little not! Therefore how to carry on maintenance to wall paper? Please do the pursuing:

House picture maintenance

1, the foundation of metope when sticking wall structure paper above all is about very good, metope had better be brushed wall structure color and not be blown be bored with child lilac only, because be bored with kid white long hind may drop white, wall structure paper nature may stick not.

2, just shop the area that stays good wall paper, should close door home window, prohibit strong blowing wind to blow wildly fierce blow, must permit picture be in color dry condition. If did not perform this control, the picture that just stays good anxieties to possess warped advantage or the circumstance that rise drum shows up. Next, need to maintain the place that sticks wallpaper not to need as well damp!

3, after confirming wallpaper is completely dry and finalize the design, must produce sure the home window in the home often is opened, assure its ventilated, once found out the phenomenon that become warped must use professional wallpaper adhesive to stay, press with the publication next ok.

4, stick stay with stay great after 3 to 4 days, usable and little wet airplane towel or sponge wipe picture seam place spot to leave gently glue. Picture maintenance is a regular behavior, must end up being carried out every time. Should use feather duster to mop with wallpaper above everyday, prevent wallpaper above be filled with dust;

5, wallpaper is paper after all, can wipe but not resistant to knock, such as found a slight or insignificant damage, the same color wallpaper can be used to make up for the color.

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Concave and convex wallpaper, every 3~6 a few months, workable cleaner or soft wool brush clean off surface dirt.

7, all the regular cleaning of picture metope is vacuum cleaner regularly to metope, the vacuum suction can, daily found special dirty mark to get rid of, metope can use dry scrubbing up water level of resistance is the technique, after cleaning with dry out towel blot, for not water resistant metope may use dry out scrubbing up, such as usable eraser to wipe or drop in with bath towel dry out cleaning fluid after graze, anyhow is to remove the dirt in period, or period will keep long term marks.

8, daily finding of special dirty marks should be promptly erased, water resistant wallpapers such as the holy icon picture can be swabbed with water, dry towel can be utilized after washing; For the water resistant wall structure cloth such as sea ji fabric wall towel to wipe with silicone, or with a bath towel dipped in some cleaning liquid wring dry wipe. At common occasions to pay attention to prevent hard items effect, friction picture and wall fabric. If some place point craze, want to give subsidy in period, cannot allow its development.

9, stick the wall paper after good, after two to three years should notice juncture and turning stage, discover to possess become warp-sided trend, should preserve immediately, can lengthen the use time of wallpaper.